One on One Coaching, Healing & Mentorship

This offer is the all-inclusive, VIP-level access and support.  A blend of all the things to support you in your soul growth, healing and expansion.  This package includes biweekly 60-90 minute calls, unlimited weekday Voxer support, plus access to any programs, courses, workshops, masterminds, etc, that I run during our time together.

✨ Akashic Records to heal, clear, release and expand into who your soul is really here to be
✨ Astrology & Human Design to better understand, integrate and embody your authentic energetic blueprint, creating alignment in the way you show up in your life, business, relationships, etc
✨ Soul coaching to get to the core of your truth, shatter the cages & boxes society has put you in and create deep fulfillment in life and business on your terms

Pricing: $1333 USD/month (4mo minimum) / $5k pay in full for 4 months / $7.5k pay in full for 6 months

The Priestess Pathway

4 month deep dive into the core of your being, co-created by Samantha Cozzo and I.  We combine our expertise in soul level transformation, somatic healing, breathwork, akashic records, relational leadership, sacred sexuality, facilitation and connection into a potent, sacred sisterhood that will bring you back to your very essence.  Together, we will shed the conditioning and wounding that is telling you you're not enough, and step into your full expression and radiance.

Pricing: $2222 - payment plans available

The Voxer Experience

Get unlimited one-on-one voice and text coaching & mentorship as you step fully into your soul's purpose, shatter through your blocks and show up in your radiance.  Click below for full details.

Pricing: $699 per month - SPECIAL OFFER: $350/mo for a limited time

Soul Codes Activation

In this 30-minute session, we will uncover and clear the energetic blocks that are ready to shift relating to the soul code you chose.  You will receive customized embodiment recommendations to fully anchor into your next level, as well as a pre-recorded Akashic activation to assist in the clearing and reclaiming of your divine soul coding.

Choose your Soul Code:
✨ Prosperity
✨ Leadership & Personal Power
✨ Soul Expression & Radiance

Pricing: $111 LIMITED TIME - regular $197