Soul Legacy 1:1 Voxer Coaching

A one-on-one voice & text coaching vortex to radically realign your business

Back pocket coaching so you feel secure and supported as you build your soul-aligned business, guiding you back to your truth, your alignment, your inner knowing and wisdom. A fraction of the cost of traditional 1:1 coaching.


Voxer provides on-demand, real time coaching.

Have you ever gotten on a coaching call and completely blanked on what you needed support on, only to have a question 15 minutes after the call ends? You're not alone.  The Voxer experience eliminates wasted time, money and calls by giving you a space to drop into when things come up IN REAL TIME, meaning your dollar goes farther and provides a convenient way to plug in when you need it.

Voxer provides depth and variety in your experience.

One moment we could be working through an energetic block, and the next moment we could be back and forth mapping out your next program. The sky's the limit!  The Voxer experience provides a space for you to drop into that can morph and change with your needs, making it the one stop shop for your healing, mindset, strategy and energy work. There's nothing more dynamic.

Voxer invites you to own your power and self leadership.

This container is entirely self-led. There is no hand holding, no codependent patterns to fall into, only a space for you to lead yourself to when you desire support.   It's the perfect opportunity to show up for yourself and advocate for your needs and desires in a safe, cultivated space designed to do exactly that. It's your safe landing space to talk things out, brainstorm and EXPAND!


Monday - Friday  8:00am - 4:00pm MST

My promise to my clients is to be as responsive as possible within the hours above.

Unless previously communicated or in the event of an emergency, I aim to keep my responses quick (generally within the hour outside of client calls) and my bare minimum goal is to respond within 4 hours at most.

During the week, I carve out dedicated time in Voxer at least once a day to go back and forth with clients so that we can hash things out quickly and effectively.


What if I decide I need a call?

Voxer clients get a discounted rate for booking one-off intensives with me, so you're fully supported.  Also, you can upgrade to 1:1 coaching at any time, pending my availability.

How long is the experience?

The Voxer Experience is a month-by-month subscription.  You can stay as long as you want, or just enroll for a month at a time.
(Note: You keep your price until you cancel.  If you cancel and renew and the price has changed, you pay the new price upon re-enrollment.)

What can we do through Voxer compared to a full 1:1 coaching package?

We can accomplish a LOT through Voxer alone: mindset and energy mastery, reconnecting to your truth & sovereignty, understanding your energetic blueprint better to build sustainably, brainstorming and gaining clarity on your niche, message, etc, mapping out business ideas and offers, and so, so much more.  The only thing I do not offer in Voxer is Akashic Records work as that requires significant time and energy, and I prefer to do so by accessing the Akasha on a call together as a facilitated experience.


Would you prefer Netflix or cable TV? You can wait each week for the new episode to air and hope it doesn't disappoint, or you can watch your fav shows on demand. It seems like a no-brainer, really...


  • Monthly
  • $997 USD

    per month

    Auto-renew, cancel anytime

  • One Week Trial
  • $299 USD


    No automatic renew