The Priestess Pathway is a 4 month immersion that will remind you just how powerful and pure magic you are. You'll be wildly supported as you remember who the f*ck you are, ignite the unstoppable flame of your soul and forge a new, revolutionary path towards your burning desires because you KNOW you didn't come here to settle for less.

It's a sacred initiation journey into the depths of your being. An invitation to return to your divine feminine essence, prioritize your pleasure and embody your soul.  It's the energetic foundation you need to build embodied self trust, unshakeable confidence, sustainable business growth and prosperity.

In a world determined to keep you caged, repressed, dimmed...

Where you're taught that certain aspects of your personality are acceptable

...and others need to be locked away, kept secret

It's no wonder that we are so unfulfilled, insecure and disempowered in today's world.

Our pleasure is shameful.
Our dreams are unrealistic.
Our power has been suppressed for centuries.

The time has come to reclaim ALL of the divine feminine expression.


Dear Priestess, we see you.

You want to create an impact in the world around you.

You want to create a ripple that changes the world as we know it.

You're a trailblazer, a leader, a revolutionary with a heart of gold
yet you feel misunderstood and maybe a little out of place in this world.

Your soul is calling you forward into a life of impact, activation and meaning.

You're no longer willing to sit on the sidelines allowing fear, shame, guilt or smallness to keep you from sharing your heart with the world.

You're ready

To reclaim your personal power in a world that's devoted to suppressing it.  

To be the channel for your soul, for the divine.  

To activate your own codes of divine prosperity and receive compensation by doing your sacred work.  

To lean back into a space of trust, surrender and worthiness.  

To stop blocking yourself from giving and receiving freely and openly.

As it stands,

You're battling with stories and conditioning that were handed to you but that doesn't mean they're yours to hold

You're trying to push through the insecurity and self doubt but every time you try to move forward it seems to come back with a vengeance

You're waiting until you're ready, more established, more credible, more worthy before saying yes to all your desires but those desires are the path to being - and having - it all

You stare at your vision board and feel lack because the woman you feel you need to become to have it is so far outside of you she's not even recognizable

In the Priestess Pathway, we release lifetimes of personal & collective baggage that has been suppressing your fullest expression, impact, pleasure and abundance.

This is your space to lay down your armor and step into a space of receptivity.

Imagine how ecstatic it'll feel when
🌹 You can walk into a room with your embodied presence and light up a room instead of shrinking and hiding

🌹 Your clients come into your world ready to hire you because they can FEEL you, and when they know, they know

🌹 Your devotion outshines the stories of the ego and you show up in your raw, unleashed power, liberated from the constraints of fear and smallness

🌹 You're so embodied in your own essence that comparison and competition actually just melt away

🌹 You know in the depths of your soul how worthy, capable and impactful you truly are, and you lead with that knowing

This is the initiation of the Priestess Pathway.

There's a flame
A knowing
A desire

It's time to trust that, sister.

 To trust yourself and take the bold step forward into your desires.  

Dripping in magic.  

You came here to experience the fullness of the human experience.  

To remember your whole, divine nature and make the impact that was energetically imprinted on your soul for this lifetime  

The wealth
The fulfillment
The answers

They're not outside of you and it's time for you to remember that.

In the Priestess Pathway, you'll receive...

✨ Akashic guidance to help you clear the blocks you've been carrying at a soul level and activate your highest timeline and desires

✨ Somatic techniques and breathwork to release stored emotion, reconnect you to your divine feminine essence and awaken the remembering that lies within your cells

✨ A sisterhood to hold you through it all with bi-weekly activation calls + monthly mastermind calls (+ bonus calls) and an intimate group Voxer thread to stay connected and supported through the whole journey

✨ Powerful, sacred teachings from the women who have walked the path, and are walking it alongside you

and so much more.

Imagine walking away with the KNOWING that you are a sacred, divine being.
Feeling fully connected to your own wisdom, guidance and gifts.
With the trust in yourself to really open up to possibility, instead of continually placing your power outside of yourself.

This program is for the woman who is ready to radically shift and embody her magic.
To connect with a version of herself she's never known herself to be, but has been longing to become.

I'm an Akashic guide, spiritual mentor and intuitive business coach for women who are on their evolutionary path. I help you remember the truth of who you are and connect back to your innate soul wisdom, lean into trust with your intuition and lead your sacred movement in this life, to bring in more joy, fulfillment, prosperity and impact and live life on your terms.  

I'm a certified Soul Coach, Akashic Women's Guide, Relational Leader and Energy Healer. I've studied Human Design, Astrology and somatic work to deepen my ability to deepen with my clients. I'm also a lifelong student with an interest in spiritual philosophy and deeper knowing.  

All of this to say, I'm well versed in holding sacred, safe space for your evolution along your soul path, and it's truly what I've been put here to do.  

I believe that the root of self-sourced confidence comes from connecting with your divine essence and radiating it through every cell of your body.

This is achieved through the potent medicine we'll be sharing in this program - a blend of immersive healing, coaching, connection and expansion - with the Akashic records as a powerful ally on the journey. 

I am a Sacred Sexuality and Embodiment Guide for women who desire a deeper level of intimacy, abundance, and pleasure in their lives.

My entire life has led me to this sacred work.

Spirituality and Somatics were my lifeline when I healed through my divorce trauma. Through the pain and difficulty of that time in my life, I was initiated into remembering my wholeness, reclaiming my sacred sexuality, and anchoring into my own magic.

I’m a certified breathwork facilitator, cosmic sexuality and sacred sexuality guide, Reiki master and NLP practitioner. I’ve studied in great depth the dynamics of masculine and feminine energies as it relates to embodiment work, relational patterns and business. I also hold two holistic health and nutrition certifications, which provide even more depth of support in connecting to your body.  

Learning how to navigate the dance between your inner and outer energy dynamics is how you create the foundation for living a sacred life – a life where you are at peace with yourself and have a healthy relationship with yourself AND the people around you.  

When you have laid this groundwork, you can fully open up and receive all of the abundance and intimacy you desire. That is the work that we will be fully stepping into inside of the Priestess Pathway. 


Sam is a certified Breathwork Instructor and will support the experience through powerful ceremonies that will help you release outdated programming, supported by sacred activations and forgiveness practices.


Danielle is a certified Akashic Women's Guide will take you through your Akashic Records to release old karmic and energetic baggage that is holding you back from your fullest expression, joy, abundance and fulfillment.


Designed to foster a deep sisterhood connection, these evening sessions will range from divine feminine embodiment practices, to hanging out and connecting over your favorite drink, to games nights or other fun activities.


3x a month, we will meet in sisterhood for various experiences, ceremonies, facilitations, connection + mastermind calls and more.  These will vary in nature but will all be curated to deepen into your body, soul + business expansion.


This is where the real magic happens. The Voxer vortex is a space to drop into between calls - there will be prompts and discussions, on-the-fly coaching and Q&A, and an overall space to connect in sisterhood, be seen, and be held.


So many bonuses!  From mini courses to activations to a special gift in the mail... This is a luxury experience for your inner goddess and we are committed to spoiling you with the WHOLE experience, because you deserve it.

Sam and Danielle’s energies are amazing on their own, but together they are expansive! They create such a safe and supportive space for you to grow and bloom!

Gina Lamontagne
Spiritual Event Planner

You cannot put a price tag on this experience Danielle and Sam have co-created. If you want to be led by women who are the embodiment of the transformation you will experience... DIVE IN.

Brittany Barcellos
Relational Leadership & Business Coach

Sam and Danielle are such a gift to be held and coached by. They invite ALL of you to show up and have the most grounding energies to lead you back to yourself.

Samantha Schmuck
Tox Free Living & VIBE Embodiment Guide

Sam and Danielle reach you on such a deep level, that it’s hard to describe in words. Intuitive, sincere, and deeply passionate are what come to mind.

Erica Taylor
Holistic Health & Wellness Coach


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