I wasn't always the Radiant Soul Coach...

In fact, I didn’t believe I was radiant at all.

 When I first discovered coaching, I was so lit up and so blown away that I could make a living doing what I loved: helping people.  

I started bingeing other coaches’ content, downloading freebies and piecing together how to build a successful coaching business.  

Cue the smoke and mirrors.  

I started seeing buzzwords like “10k months” and “sold out launch,” and I made the scary decision to invest in my first coach, who promised that result.  

Going through the program, I was learning and implementing a lot of strategy, from the way I showed up to what I said, that felt very uncomfortable.  I assumed that it was part of the growing pains of starting a business.  

Little did I know, there was a missing piece.  

A piece that was leaving a big, gaping hole in the center of my business. 

When my launch didn’t sell out in spite of doing everything “right,” all of my wounding and self doubt reared its head.  

I became consumed with thoughts of, “I’m not likeable enough to be a successful coach” and “why would anyone buy from me when there are more experienced, more outgoing, more confident coaches out there.”  

Fast forward to October of 2019, a month after the failed launch, when I had my first spiritual awakening.  I didn’t know that’s what it was, but I felt called to burn down everything that I had created in my business - every strategy, every belief, every “should.”  I lit the match, and burned it to the ground.  

Then, I went inward, into the depths of my psyche.  

It felt like the deepest, darkest hole of depression I had ever been in.  
I stayed home all day, holed up in my dark bedroom with my hoodie pulled up over my head.  

It felt like death.  

Because it was.

It was the death of a past version of me. An ego death.

The rebirth on the other side was cloudy and uncomfortable.

I didn’t really know what was coming, only that I wasn’t the same person I was a month prior.

The only thing I knew for certain was that in the darkness, I had connected to my soul and it was magnificent - radiant is the word that came through in my journal.

I began to slowly rebuild my business from the rubble it had been reduced to, selectively cultivating what I wanted to bring with me and what was meant to stay in the ashes.

My ego wanted me to take action, do more, launch more, but my soul knew that this was a time of surrender, not force.  I went on to fight a long battle between my wounded masculine, high achieving mind-self, and my divine feminine, intuitive soul-self. My mind was desperate for clarity, while my soul went quiet, waiting for me to slow down (which I later learned was a requirement to clear an old soul contract.)

Sometimes the fog would lift and I would get glimpses of next steps and what the future held, but as quickly as it appeared, it was gone again. I nicknamed this phenomenon my “clarity complex” and accepted that it would be a passenger on this ride for a while.  

I befriended the fog and got really comfortable with the unknown, learning to embrace that the best surprises are the ones you don’t see coming - something that a mentor had channeled for me during a session months prior.  

I learned to trust that everything I desire is meant for me, even when my logical mind can’t find a shred of evidence.  

I embodied the certainty that it is already done and surrendered the timeline, putting my full faith in the universe and divine timing.  

I learned that the greatest rewards lie on the other side of fear, of the unknown.  

Life isn’t about jumping when you see the next step - it’s about leaping into the void and trusting. 

From that deep place of surrender, I was presented with countless beautiful opportunities that kept me afloat in my business:

- An ambassadorship for the copywriting program that changed my whole outlook on writing, business and my mission

- Guest coaching for TWO of my mentors, to hold energetic space, guidance and healing and facilitate transformation

- Being asked to guest speak in a few friends' programs and memberships

- Starting a podcast that I had originally told myself I could only do when I had "arrived"

- A chance to get certified as an Akashic Women's Guide, something I was always intrigued by but didn't believe I could do (boy was I wrong)

And probably so much more that's escaping me.

Ultimately, it was one big initiation to remind me to hold the faith, and everything started to change when I started seeing my business as an expression of my creativity, rather than needing to create for my business.

The energy shifted.

The way I showed up shifted.

And I knew with certainty I was FINALLY on my soul's path.

You see, I'm not here to tell you some flashy story about making 6 figures in 6 months.

I'm not here to lure you in with the luxury and external validation.

I'm here to be the embodiment of authentic feminine power and to show you that you can do the same - because the external success doesn't mean much when your internal world is in shambles.

I'm here to show you that it's possible to enjoy the journey even when it looks like it's "not working."

Most importantly, I'm here to reconnect you to the part of you that is innately whole, worthy and radiant - your soul.  To remind you that you are all of those things WITHOUT the external validation.

Because when you're connected to that sacred part of yourself, everything - the abundance, the healing, the energetics, the clients, the freedom - it all falls into place.

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