A one-on-one transformational pathway for
trusting and embodying your magic + channel + essence
(and leading with this in your soul legacy business) 

It’s no secret: building a personal brand brings up all your shit – and it comes up with even more of a vengeance when your work in the world involves baring the raw vision and desires of your SOUL with the world.

I see you.

You came here to be an activator, a healer, a guide.
You feel deeply connected to helping others in their growth and evolution; helping them find deeper meaning, deeper purpose and more abundance.

Whether you help people build businesses, or heal and free themselves from the grips of their past experiences, or feel more confident and empowered, or manifest the relationship, job, home, lifestyle they've always desired – you are here to not only change your own life, but to profoundly impact those around you, too.

You are here to leave your mark and build a legacy.
You are the ripple.

You know you’re here to be a leader, a visionary, a trailblazer for the new earth,
but you’ve inevitably bumped up against

feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness

fears around self expression, embodying all of you, triggering or upsetting people, losing friends, being misunderstood self doubt, comparison

conditioning around what it takes to build a business or be a “successful” entrepreneur

insecurity and shrinking around people who you perceive to be “above” you in the hierarchy of your mind

people pleasing, underselling, overgiving, or all of the above

the desire to be liked, loved, seen, acknowledged and letting that stifle your truest expression, creating a disconnect between your essence and how you show up online

trying trying trying, doing doing doing and not seeing the result because you’re not letting yourself sink into the blissful creativity and fertility of your feminine essence

or, downright avoiding the deepest truths of your soul – because it feels so much bigger than you or you don’t know HOW to bring the vision through.

Underneath it all, you KNOW how magical you are.
You can't deny the knowing that you came here to do this;
to expand your impact and to change lives on a massive scale.
You're ready to shatter through the layers that are currently feeling constricting and holding you back.

Many of these wounds are deeply woven into the fabric of society, and mindset work can’t hold a flame to the depth it takes to truly release them.  This is why I work at soul level.

In Quantum Magic, we lovingly bring these blocks to the surface of your awareness (even the ones rooted deep in your subconscious) and release them at the level of the soul. 

Akashic work is woven in to gently & powerfully heal your shit in a way that’s deeply rooted and easily accessible in your body so you can lead with your heart instead of being stuck in your head. 

Here’s what the experience looks like:

1 - We begin with an Akashic future timeline activation to anchor into the vision, feeling, essence of your intention.  

The Akashic field is interactive and provides the soul-level intentions you are being called towards. This activation provides a tether and north star for our journey together as we watch your intentions manifest through our time together.  

This activation illuminates and brings through the structure and direction for our journey together towards your vision.  

2 - With me as your guide, we work at the level of the soul to find the blocks, wounds and outdated karma and get to the root of what's really holding you back, then we clear them at the levels of the body and soul.  

We then can lay a NEW ENERGETIC FOUNDATION that will support you in becoming the embodied, rooted leader you came here to be — through soul-level activation and reconnection to your truth & wisdom.  

3 - We will close out the energy and anchor in the transformation as we celebrate the journey and close the old chapter, allowing you to emerge out the other end a renewed, fully embodied leader.  

Throughout the entire 4 months, you will be wildly supported with unlimited voice and text support in Voxer and two wild card sessions to use at any time for the more tangible things like business planning, strategy, launching, offers and messaging.