Sacred Self Expression Workshop

So here's the deal.

You came to Earth with a mission and a message.

You thought to yourself, "sure, I'll start a business as a vehicle for this mission." Then, you turn to Instagram to learn how to build said business. Somewhere along the way, with all the smoke, mirrors and noise of the coaching world, paired with your conditioning and core human need to be loved and accepted, you end up creating a subtle, but palpable disconnect between YOU and your SOUL.

Suddenly, you're not being inauthentic, but you're not speaking your truest truth.

Business starts to feel hard.
You're drilling yourself on who you are, what you do and how to stand out online.
It takes you hours to write content only for it to fall flat.
You feel like you're just saying what everyone else is saying (because you probably are).

That's where this work comes in 🤩

This workshop is designed to CLEAR OUT old conditioning, SHATTER the rules you've been playing by and LIBERATE your ✨ soul expression ✨.

The result?


It gets to be as easy as: open your mouth and speak. Be the channel. Stop overthinking your message.

So why do you need a workshop for this? Can't you just do it?

Well, of course you can. But if there was nothing blocking you, you'd already be doing it.

My aim with this workshop is to get to the energetic root of WHY and HOW you've been suppressing your voice and authentic message.

Awareness + Akashic clearing + all the other fun I'm incorporating = a true liberation from those constraints.

This is the magic.

So who's this for?

For the woman who's looking to add depth to her message, because she knows this business is deeper than 💸💸💸

For the woman who's ready to connect, soul to soul, with her community and clients.

For the woman who's ready to EXPAND her vision, her movement and her leadership through her self expression.

Included in this 90-minute workshop:
✨ A spoken activation and teaching around the energetics of expression
✨ Self inquiry and journaling to connect with the wisdom of your soul
✨ Akashic clearing to unblock your self expression  

This is an action packed, deep dive workshop leaving you feeling clear and empowered in who you are and what you're here to share.

Take this opportunity to align with your energetic blueprint and express in a way that feels natural to you, and to come home to yourself just a little bit more.