Radiant Marketing

Share your unique message and show up in your authentic leadership

Magnetic marketing isn't created with a copy formula.

...but if you're here, you already knew that.

You've tried the copywriting courses, advice from marketing gurus, quick tips on instagram, maybe you've even read a book or two on sales psychology.

Yet instead of making your life easier and selling out your offers, you're feeling more constricted in your marketing than ever before.

This program is for you if...

You're stuck in a loop of overthinking, trying to make your copy fit into some made up box in order to sell your offer, and it's completely falling flat.

You dread creating content because it feels heavy and hard.

You find yourself criticizing, editing and censoring your written content, avoiding creating content altogether, or not hitting publish on your content as consistently as you'd like.

You're noticing very little traction with your content when it comes to people reaching out in the DMs or buying your offers and are feeling disheartened by the lack of results.

You feel disconnected from your creative flow.

Welcome to the new paradigm of marketing.

The fundamental gap I see in the spiritual entrepreneur world is ENERGETICS.

You are here to do business radically different, and if your energy isn't congruent with your approach to marketing, everything falls flat.

Anyone can teach you the fundamental structures and formulas for marketing, but that's where this program is different.

I'm not here to teach you how to market like everyone else.

I'm here to teach you to market like you.

My approach is different than anything you've experienced before.

I blend my years of expertise in business management, consulting and sales with the embodied understanding of energetics and intuition.

This is NOT the same old sh*t that every other coach online is teaching.

In fact, I'm not teaching anything you don't already know.
I'm holding space for your soul, your intuition, to come to the forefront and be seen, heard and shared.

This may sound really woo, but for those of you who know what you're doing isn't working, you're on this sales page for a reason.

I promise, I've mastered the art of grounding the spiritual into an embodied way of being, and that's the pathway I'm guiding you through.

Brooke Underwood

Vedic Astrologer & Oracle

Working with Danielle was one of the most igniting experiences working with a mentor. I love how she facilitates growth and isn't afraid to call things to the surface.  Your business is about to be unlocked from a back door if you allow it. Once you do, you'll be able to see the larger vision and your map there.  Since working together, I've been able to see myself and my offerings from a more integrated lens and hunker in on a strategy that makes sense long-term. I've been able to see my value in places that I was struggling to see before and that has boosted my confidence as well.

The structure

During this 8 week program, here's what to expect:

Weekly Akashic Activations

These are channeled transmissions in the Akashic field and Akashic records for the group.  They are intended to unearth and clear any underlying blocks, resistance and karma relating to fully unleashing your authentic expression and leadership. The Akasha is a powerful healing tool that allows us to access past lifetimes, current lifetime blocks and your original soul blueprint (AKA, the purest version of YOU). Think of it like meditation, subconscious reprogramming and energy healing all in one. These activations will be posted in the Facebook group.

Weekly Content Audits

Each week, you will have the opportunity to receive in depth feedback on one piece of content. I will not only provide feedback on where you can fine tune your written copy, but I will also tune in energetically and help you identify any disconnects happening within your energetic congruence.  This is intended to support you in dropping deeper into your authentic, radiant expression, which will in turn help your magnetism in your marketing (while also fine tuning the technical pieces to make your copy engaging and fun to read).  These audits will be performed by me for the first 4 weeks, and then it will get handed over to YOU to audit one another, to help you really achieve mastery through this embodiment-based program.

6 Group Calls (3 weeks on, 1 week off)

This is where we'll get together and discuss important pillars of magnetic messaging, liberated self expression and authentic leadership for new paradigm business. I will provide transmissions that will expand your perspective and challenge your existing beliefs around marketing, sales and offers and help you drop into your heart during your creation process. I'll offer hot seat coaching to address any resistance or fears that surface, answer all your questions, etc.

Facebook Group

This is where you'll receive between call support from myself and the group. It's your space to check in, receive guidance and coaching between calls, integrate and ask for feedback on your content between calls (note: these are not full audits but quick, on-the-fly feedback).


My #1 priority is that you feel empowered and aligned with your decision. If you have any questions, message me on Facebookor Instagram.


  • Payment Plan
  • 3 payments of

    $667 USD

    per month

    3 monthly payments

  • Pay in Full

    $1997 USD


    PIF bonus 1:1 session with Danielle


Danielle // Radiant Soul Coach

Danielle Venables is a certified Flower of Life™ Advanced Akashic Women's Guide, Spiritual Mentor and Intuitive Business Coach for New Paradigm Leaders. She is the founder of the Radiant Soul brand, host of the Return to Radiance podcast and co-creator of the Priestess Within Membership.

She works with clients on a soul-somatic level to create shifts at the level of identity and bring through and liberate each woman's unique essence. She does this by clearing out expired and outdated karmic patterns that are standing in the way of their soul's mission, expression and evolution in this lifetime through the Akashic Records.

Danielle holds women as they reclaim the parts of themselves that they've turned off, repressed and buried in exchange for acceptance and safety in the world, and untangles the conditioning and soul level blocks that are preventing her fullest expression of desire, impact and influence.

She weaves this unique, soul-led approach with her business expertise to help clients create businesses that are in true alignment and feel expansive, authentic and sustainable. Her radical approach to conscious leadership is shaking up the business world as she hands women the keys to their own quantum success instead of subscribing to an outsourced, follow-the-leader power differential in client-mentor relationships.

When she's not soul-deep in client work, you'll find Danielle hiking with her husband, kids and dogs, enjoying her homestead oasis, or building some new, crazy addition to her chicken coop. She lives in the abundant farmlands of northern BC, Canada, and spends summers in the heart of the Shuswap in vacation mode, soaking in the freedom of following her dreams.

If you'd like to explore her work, go check out her podcast, Return to Radiance, available on all major podcast platforms.