Overhaul & Align

Overhaul your beliefs and limitations & align to your soul's radiance to create the success you desire

Note: This program was created in the Fall of 2020 and is an incredible resource for the entrepreneur who is just starting out and wants to build a rock solid foundation within themselves in order to bring their soul work into the world. The transformations I have seen through this program have been lifelong and ever-unfolding for the women who have gone through it, which is why it is still available as an accessible, high value option for those who are newer in their entrepreneurship journey.  

The women who have gone through this program are now moving onto HUGE things like facilitating group healing, hosting masterminds and speaking on stages.  They're facilitating huge transformations for their clients because they led themselves back to their own souls first - that is the foundation that this program provides.

As my own evolution has unfolded, I feel that I have outgrown certain pieces of this program which is why it is no longer being offered live, and the materials haven't been updated in over a year.  It does not represent the caliber of work I have evolved into over the last 2 years, so if you're looking for something a little more advanced, click here to see my current offerings.  

However, it is the foundation of everything I have grown into over the last couple of years, and I 100% stand by the power that this program has to deeply and fully transform your current reality and connect you back to yourself in a very crucial way.

If this program feels right for you - it absolutely is - it's incredible and will forever be my baby.

Let me guess... You want to be successful.

You've been seeking the perfect strategy to get you the results you crave and yet you're still feeling stuck, unable to reach that next level.

You're feeling blocked, like something is stopping you from achieving the results you want.

You're tired of doing the work and waking up every morning to the same reality.  You're ready for more.

More success. More abundance.  More connection.
More self trust.  More freedom.  More love.
More health.  More wealth.  More fulfillment.

Maybe you just don't have what it takes...

Well, that can't be true.  Your desires are divine and they are meant for you.  So what's missing?

Are you operating in fear?
Is old childhood wounding and conditioning causing you to self sabotage?
Are you struggling to stay consistent in your energy, or struggling to go all in on your desires?
Are you looking outside of yourself for the roadmap to your personal success journey?
Do you truly believe you can have whatever you want in this life?
Do you believe you deserve it?

What if I told you that you could access the tools of deep transformation and healing and step into your full potential?
How would that feel? What would change for you?

Hey, I'm Danielle

When I started my business, I knew I wanted to help people become abundant in every sense of the word.  I began researching how other coaches were making an impact, and following their strategies.  What I didn't realize was happening in the process, is that I was trusting them more than I was trusting myself.  I wasn't giving myself the opportunity to live in alignment and let it be easy, because I was convinced that my coaches knew better.  After all, they were the successful ones, right?

After a failed launch last year, I spent some time going inward.  It was painful, but I needed to figure out why these strategies weren't working for me, yet someone else was making 6 figures off of them.  I cut off all outside influences and just allowed myself to take inventory of what felt really good and exciting, allowing anything unaligned to fall away.

I overhauled every piece of myself, inside and out: how I showed up online, what I was teaching, how I shared, what I was including in my coaching programs, all of it - and it all represented what was going on inside.  I got into alignment.  I learned to tune in (and actually listen) to what my intuition had to say.  I figured out what my goals were, instead of chasing the next flashy thing all the other coaches were talking about as a benchmark for success.  I stopped consuming other coaches' content and really allowed my own truth and my own voice to develop during this time.

Now, I've built a business on normalizing being human, giving ourselves grace in being a beginner, and freeing ourselves from our own self doubt and not-enoughness.  And now, I'm sharing my process.

You came here with everything you need to create the prosperous life and business you desire. Let's work together on peeling back the layers of programming and accessing the profound wisdom and power that exists within.

 "I’m incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Danielle. I had no idea what to expect but I instantly gravitated towards her energy, and the work she does around trusting our intuition and the beauty of living in alignment. This program nourished every part of me down to my cells. The work was deep and transformative but in the most gentle way. To say that this program has massively shifted my way of being would be a huge understatement. I went from being rigid and overly masculine energy to flow and ease. I learned how to reconnect to my body and tap into the greatest gift that I have, my intuition. The relationship that I now have with my business, family, friends, with my mind, body and soul has been amplified in all the best ways possible. Thank you so much Danielle for all of your love, support and encouragement. I’m forever changed and grateful!  

Erica Taylor
Coach, Erica Christine Coaching

Not sure if this is for you?

Tell me if this is you...

⇨ You're an entrepreneur with a desired outcome on your heart but you haven't reached your goal yet; you always seem to come up against self sabotage, emotional blocks, fear, burnout, playing small, or some other obstacle that feels impossible to overcome.

⇨ You have a vision of the life that you're deeply craving... A more elevated, fulfilled, radiant version of you, living a life that looks drastically different than the reality you're currently experiencing.  You want that, but you're not sure how to get there.

⇨ You're ultra passionate about the work you do, but things like generating leads, selling, and sliding into peoples' DMs makes your skin crawl.

⇨ You want more freedom, more abundance or more success, but you get stuck on the how and the strategy.  You look at the people doing what you want to do, but figure they must have some special talent or magic secret that makes it come easy to them.

⇨ You've tried things before and they just haven't yielded the results you were hoping for.  You're starting to think that maybe you just aren't meant to live your life's purpose, but the thought of settling back in a 9-5 job kills you on the inside.

⇨ You want to live a financially free and prosperous life, but you wrestle with limiting beliefs that keep you from going all in.  You want to believe it's possible for you, too, but there's a nagging voice in your head that's dragging you down - and you're ready to overcome that doubt.

⇨ You are ready to step into your power, speak your truth and share your gifts with the world, but you aren't sure how to open yourself up that fully.

You are ready to step up and claim a life that lights you TF up - no more settling.

If you relate to any of these, Overhaul & Align is perfect for you.

In this 8 week program, you will learn how to access the internal wisdom and truth that will help you manifest everything you desire in your life, business, relationships, health and more.  You will strengthen your inner connection so that no matter what you come up against on your journey, you will know what to do and how to work through it.  These tools will last you a lifetime.

 "After years of working with different coaches, I was taking a break. Seeing what I could do myself. I have a budding copywriting business that I'm working to replace my teaching income. Then, an opportunity to work with Danielle came up. After the free call, I literally talked to everybody in my life about how amazing and empowered I felt. We connected so well! Since I committed to working with her, SO MANY opportunities have come up for me in the direction I want to go. If you're looking for a coach who will hold you accountable, challenge you in the best ways, and help you celebrate your victories, you should DEFINITELY work with Danielle!

Taylor Willard
Blogger & Copywriter

Does any of this sound familiar?

- You want to be the kind of woman who fearlessly chases her dreams and lives a life that lights her up, but you can't seem to get over the fear: fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of not being good enough, fear of what your friends and family might think

- You set goals for yourself but you're never able to follow through and achieve them - something always gets in the way

- You have a tendency to be a people pleaser and to do what it takes to avoid conflict, even at the expense of your own happiness

- You want to be financially free and run your own business, but there's an element of leadership that you still feel like you're missing and you know is holding you back

- You haven't taken action or gone all in on your dreams because you don't know how you'll get to the end destination - deep down you know this fear and uncertainty holds you back

- You want to be the woman who transforms her entire life - the one who leads, achieves and inspires

- You want to create the life of your dreams but it feels hard, if not impossible, to make your desires a reality

- You've tried online courses or coaching before and didn't get the results you were hoping for - you're starting to wonder if this path is even meant for you, yet you can't bring yourself to quit because deep down, you know

- You want to live a life of freedom, integrity and soul-alignment - you know that this work is what gives your life purpose 

It's time to break these patterns and live out your vision - your dream is meant for you

How Overhaul & Align Works

Overhaul & Align is not just a program; it is a complete transformational experience.

Through 8 modules, this course will guide you through a deep transformation process so that you can embody the version of yourself who achieves everything she's ever longed for.

You are going to create an entirely new reality for you, your life and your business.

Each week, you will learn new tools and habits that you will implement in your day-to-day life. By the end of the program, you will have a new sense of confidence, self trust, drive and certainty to change any part of your life for the better.

This is the program that will help you transform your emotional, physical, spiritual and financial reality for good. You will realize just how much power you have within to alter your reality by overcoming blocks, fears, patterns and old stories so they can never hold you back again! 

Is Overhaul & Align Right for Me?

While Overhaul & Align is designed with the entrepreneur in mind, these methods can be used to attain any personal lifestyle goals as well. Whether you are brand new to personal development or have been in business for a while and are looking to reach a new level of success or move through resistance in your life and business, this is the work that will launch you forward in achieving your dreams.  

 Develop more confidence: take courageous leaps instead of living in a state of fear and self doubt  

 Align with your soul's purpose: feel good every day by doing what you truly love, and release what doesn't serve you  

Manage your mental wellbeing: learn techniques to self soothe and move through bad days without getting stuck in a funk  

 Create time freedom: learn how to drop the hustle, eliminate overwhelm, and create tons of opportunities in your schedule  

Heal your relationship with receiving: stop struggling to receive money, love, sisterhood... and become magnetic to it  

Cultivate a more loving relationship with yourself: rebuild self trust and feel confident and empowered    

If you desire even ONE of these transformations, Overhaul & Align is made for you  

What You'll Learn

Module 1: Re-Empowerment

This module is all about reclaiming your power and taking radical responsibility for your reality.  External circumstances happen to everyone, but how we manage them internally is where our power truly lies.  We will take accountability for our internal reality, perceptions and beliefs which will empower us to make the changes that will transform our lives.

Module 2: Reassurance

In this module, I will provide you with a number of tools to take care of your mental and emotional well-being - think of it as your self care and self soothing toolkit.  Healing is not always easy and I want to make sure you're equipped to face anything life throws at you by processing hard emotions and allowing them to be released from your system.  These methods will allow you to move through heavy emotions more effectively, from a more empowered state, as well as break the pattern of self sabotage and begin trusting yourself on a deeper level.

Module 3: Reconditioning

In this module, we develop an understanding of the ego and its purpose, as well as the ways it holds us back from becoming our truest selves and experiencing the prosperity and abundance that we are meant to have.  We are going to take a close look at old stories, patterns and conditioning, heal our old wounds and adopt new perspectives so we can get out of our own way, trust our intuition like never before, and work through any blocks or fears that have been stopping us from creating the life and business we desire.

Modules 4 & 5: Reconnection

Throughout our lives, we experience many significant events that shape our beliefs and actions.  Our egoic brain automatically starts to adopt mechanisms to keep us safe from hurt.  The issue is, these mechanisms, if not managed effectively, can edge important connections out of our lives.  With a one-week focus on sister wound healing, this module is all about healing our ability to connect in multiple ways - to our true essence, to other people and to our spirituality - so that we can thrive and feel secure in our life and business, allow ourselves to be seen and receive support, and open our hearts to become magnetic to clients.

Module 6: Release

Once we have gotten through a chunk of this inner work, we will learn the art of release work.  I have a specific process that I like to use that allows me to bask in my own energy after releasing what no longer serves me.  It will allow you to let go of old beliefs and patters, past wounding, other people's energy and more, and then fill your cup back up.  This ritual will be one of the most empowering, soul nurturing things you will learn in this program, and is completely customizable to how you process and feel big releases.

Module 7: Re-Alignment

By working through fear and ego, you will be realigning with your true soul's purpose.  You will become aware of all of the little things you are doing in your day-to-day that are knocking you out of alignment, creating resistance and depleting your energy.  This is where you get to break every rule, drop every "should" and try things on for size to bring the fun and light back into your life and business.  This is where you uncover your true magic and live life on your terms.

Module 8: Integration

This is the module where we cultivate your big leadership energy.  Where you muster the courage to forge your own path, learn how to be vulnerable and messy and inspire a fuck ton of people while you do it.  This is where you embrace your human side and lead a life of authenticity and truth, which allows clients and friends alike to connect more deeply with you.  You will work through any blocks around being seen or being judged or anything of the sort so that you can make a real impact on the lives of those around you.  This is where you realize you don't have to be perfect to be abundant.

What's Included

8 modules of content with 1-3 lessons each (lifetime access)
See a sneak peek into the course portal below!

Supporting materials including worksheets, journaling prompt and other tools for deep inner exploration to help you cultivate clarity and unwavering self trust

Soul journey meditation audio track

BONUS: Replays of the Inner Radiance Challenge to help you overcome the most common fears that hold entrepreneurs back from achieving the success they desire

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the modules like?

Each module contains a combination of video trainings and worksheets, with the occasional audio file such as a meditation where needed.

What if I want to join the live program?

I am not running this program live anymore, but you can check out my current offerings by sending me a message on Facebook or Instagram, or by checking out this page for my current offers.

Do I get lifetime access?

Yes.  You get lifetime access to the course content as well as all future upgrades.  If you upgrade to the live course, you also have the option to retake the live experience as many times as you'd like so you can continue to deepen your learning.  The Zoom link remains the same from round to round.

"Working with Danielle was just what I needed.  I had been struggling with my business,  but not in the way that I thought I was.  I thought I needed to be focused on micromanaging every aspect in order to achieve success, but I actually was allowing it to cloud the vision of what I was trying to manifest.  
Danielle challenged me to see things from a different perspective.  She helped me realign my vision so that I was able to set goals with intention and find ways to realistically meet those goals.  She also helped me learn to set boundaries for myself, so that I can show up and be present in all aspects of my life fully and without guilt.  
Danielle also taught me to honor my own talents, and to see my own value and worth, something I think gets forgotten a bit in the flurry of starting a new business. But also,  her energy is contagious! I always feel so inspired after tuning into one of her lives or chatting on a call.  If you're thinking about taking her course or booking a coaching call, do it!! I'm so glad I did!"

Leah Marie
Owner, Premier Pup Academy

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