2 part experience to shatter the old paradigm and activate your legacy, your way

We are on the brink of a massive paradigm shift.

Do you feel it?

Now more than ever, people are awakening to the calls of their soul.
That gentle twinge in their gut that they can feel without rationalization.
The inner knowing that just is, that's so subtle yet so hard to ignore.

Why should you care?

Well, this collective shift in consciousness is rippling into every aspect of your life right now.

Deep down, there have been little things within your business structure or the way you serve (think offers, strategies, messaging) that have felt slightly off in the past, and they're being highlighted now in your own awareness.  This manifests as resistance and struggles showing up fully in your purpose.

Struggling to remain consistent in content creation
Launching programs you're not fully lit up about
Jumping around from one thing to the next instead of giving it time to gain traction
Resisting success because it feels overwhelming to maintain

Not only that, but the energetic funk that's being created by this slightly off-ness is actually being felt by ideal clients, whether they logically know it or not.

Magnetism is felt.
So is misalignment, no matter how subtle.

Mirror Mirror is here to help you shake things up,
shatter the bullshit rules you've been subscribed to
and see YOUR way clearly

Because you were never here to follow in someone else's footsteps.

You came here to build a legacy.
And that requires digging a little deeper than the "how-to" advice that gets spewed on your magic.

Your soul knows the way - let me show you.

Danielle called me forward into a new level of leadership that has been lingering below the surface but I now feel completely safe and ready to embody. If you are looking for an embodied mentor who can bring you into higher alignment with your true nature, Danielle is definitely your girl!

Demi Jacobs

Intuitive Business Coach

Danielle is so talented. She makes you feel comfortable and pushes you to go that little extra step in such a way that you feel at ease with it all.  Danielle is an amazing coach, she makes you feel seen and has the perfect questions to help you dive deeper in your reflections. All around an amazing soul !

Gina Lamontagne

Spiritual Event & Retreat Planner

I started my business from a deep longing in my soul - a longing for purpose, impact and to really help people experience new levels of fulfillment in their daily lives.

It wasn't long until that desire led to me hiring my first business coach - and many after that.  I became so fixated on "doing it right" so I could get clients and help people the way I knew I could.  Yet, I was still deeply struggling to sign clients.  I struggled for two years as I navigated sharing my soul work with the world while continuing to implement strategies and structures in my business that just didn't quite fit.

Slowly but surely, I began to shatter the beliefs that were instilled about "how to" do business, and got really fucking clear (and audacious) about doing things MY WAY, and my business, clients and impact have been consistently expanding since.  

The reality is, the "how" is never the way - and this workshop is going to activate and illuminate YOUR WAY (not mine) so that your whole energy is a FUCK YES in your business.

What you get...

A 2-part workshop replay where we dig deep into the programming that's unconsciously running your business and access and activate YOUR WAY forward

A guided journey through the Akasha to release blocks and beliefs carried at soul level that are rooted in old paradigm illusion, and to activate deeper layers of your truth, your potency and your impact

Tangible tools and exercises you can use again and again whenever you need

Lifetime access to the replay

You'll walk away with...

The confidence and clarity to do things YOUR WAY and build your legacy in true alignment with your soul  

New layers of excitement, passion and radiance when it comes to your business and life's work

Clarity around what is falling away and blocking the abundance, success and fulfillment you desire

A clear channel of communication with your soul to help you anchor into your next energetic level

Working with Danielle was one of the most igniting experiences working with a mentor.  Your business is about to be unlocked from a back door if you allow it. Once you do, you'll be able to see the larger vision and your map there.

Brooke Underwood

Vedic Astrologer & Business Oracle

If you have ever wondered about working with Danielle, I have to say: The fact I've been back three times now is a testament to how good she is, truly holding space for you to crack wide open, to dive deep and discover and connect with YOURSELF.

Caz Taylor

Owner of She's Soul Weird Branding & Mentorship