Akashic Pathway

A self-led spiritual practice to connect deeply with your soul.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are an archive of your soul through all its incarnations.  It's like a library where all key decision points of the soul are stored, as well as soul level blocks and karma.  It's stored within the Akasha, a high vibrational source of infinite love, healing, creativity and possibility.


In this course, you will learn the foundations of these principles, but more importantly, you will receive the tools to cultivate your own connection to the Akasha and the Records for the purposes of healing and connecting back to your soul's true essence, desires and guidance.

Use the contents of this program as a daily devotional practice of self connection, healing and love.

What's Included

The only toolkit you need for exploring your own Akashic Records

Amber Graham

Soul Coach

I had zero idea what to expect.  All I knew was I was excited beyond reason to do the session and that was good enough for me.  Fast forward to the actual session and it blew my mind!!!  Not only were my guides in full force and made their presence known in the best way, the intuitive messages that came through were in sync and so on point.  To feel that connection with my guides was unlike anything I'd experienced before.  The JOY!  Omg.  So beautiful.  And the healing was so divinely timed for where I am in my journey (because of course, that's just how the universe works).

10/10 recommend Danielle for any and all readings, clearings and support you may need.

Danielle Lagrange is an Akashic guide & spiritual mentor for entrepreneurs who are tired of strategizing, reaching and pushing to claim their next level of impact, and diluting their potency in the process. She's a facilitator and space holder for the divine feminine essence within you to rise up and be fully, authentically expressed.

Her vision for the world is one where every person is honored, celebrated and wildly abundant for bringing their unique gifts and perspectives to the collective. She works with the cycle breakers and "black sheep" of the family who are determined to rewrite their generational and past life programming to truly thrive in this lifetime, and uplift humanity as a whole.

Danielle is a certified soul coach with a vast knowledge base that includes the applications of Human Design, Astrology and the Akashic records as it relates to shadow work, personal evolution, intuitive development and soul purpose work. She's here to remind you of your innate wisdom, gifts and magnetism that you hold on a soul level, and to walk alongside you as you awaken and embody those truths.

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