group voxer support to be held, nurtured + supported in the depths of the in-between as you birth your most potent creations


Vedic Wealth Astrologer

Working with Danielle was one of the most igniting experiences working with a mentor.  I love how she facilitates growth and isn't afraid to call things uncomfortable to the surface.  I've been able to see myself and my offerings from a more integrated lens and hunker in on a strategy that makes sense long-term. I've been able to see my value in places that I was struggling to see before and that has boosted my confidence as well.  Your business is about to be unlocked from a back door if you allow it. Once you do, you'll be able to see the larger vision and your map there.

The void
The in between
The cosmic womb 

The guidance is coming in gentle but clear

"Slow down, sit here a moment"

But you resist
You fight it
You try to push through anyway

Birthing programs that aren't in alignment
Losing interest, confidence and desire halfway through a launch
Putting in leg work only to get crickets

Slow - Dark - Deafeningly quiet 

Your ego tooths and claws trying to get out of this slump
To keep moving because that's what we're so conditioned to do
Go go go
Do do do

Anything less is unsafe It's this very resistance to ✨what is✨ that keeps you stuck in the in between

And riddled with urgency with nowhere to channel it

The VOID is your pathway through the darkness 

A space to be seen, held and nurtured as you navigate your inner winter and emerge powerfully on the other side.

A sacred incubator where it's safe to surrender, knowing you'll BLOOM again

If you've been getting the message to slow down, tune in, and surrender, but you're subscribed to the monkey mind telling you you're not doing enough, leaving you paralyzed with shame, frustration and inaction...

Join the VOID. Your sacred Voxer sisterhood to be both held in the void, and wildly supported as you rise.


Biz + Productivity Coach

Danielle allowed me to tap into ME, stripping aside all the "shoulds" and allowing me to really connect with who I am, what I want and why I am here!  She doesn't push or force or presume, she 100% allows space for you to answer your own questions, not just tells you - "this is what you should be doing!"  I can hear my intuition again! I can feel it, I can connect to it and feel SO much happier allowing it to be my guide through business and life!  Danielle is super supportive & patient allowing you to come to your own answers for radical self truth. This will change your life!

The intention of the VOID isn't to keep you stuck;
In fact it's quite the opposite. 

The VOID is a place to hold you in the process of surrendering.
It's the space of softening and leaning back - two divine feminine principles that you know you *should* do but always seem to evade you

In the moments where your thoughts are throwing you for a loop, wondering
🤸‍♀️ Am I doing enough?
🤸‍♀️ Am I doing too much?
🤸‍♀️ Am I doing it right?
🤸‍♀️ When can I move forward?
🤸‍♀️ When will this uncertainty end?
🤸‍♀️ Will my business completely collapse if I take this much time off?
🤸‍♀️ Did I do all that work for nothing now that things are shifting AGAIN?

This sacred Voxer sisterhood will hold you through it all.

Join the VOID to receive support, nourishment and guidance in...
🌹 Sinking deeper into trusting the fertility of the void
🌹 Maximizing the potent creation process within the cosmic womb
🌹 Regulating your nervous system so that you can fully surrender and receive
🌹 Aligning your business with tangible actions so that it doesn't feel like a complete hiatus, WITHOUT dropping into the patterns of pushing and resisting
🌹 Emerging from the other side as you experience your rebirth and calibrate to your energetic uplevel

All at a no-brainer pricepoint so that you feel SAFE in your process of unraveling.

You're exactly where you need to be.


The VOID is a group Voxer sisterhood with up to 10 women at any given time, where you can receive support from Danielle & the other members.

There is no set curriculum, but you will receive channeled guidance and intuitive riffs as well as direct coaching and support M-F.

The minimum commitment is 3 months, but you can stay as long as you want (your monthly rate remains the same until you cancel).

Upon registering, you will receive an email with access instructions and Voxer guidelines - support begins immediately!

This container is self led.  The space is open and Danielle is available to you all month long, but you are responsible for leaning in for support.

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    per month

    min. 3 month commitment // includes TPW Membership

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  • 6 months
  • $1985 USD

    every 6 months

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The Priestess Within Membership is included in your subscription to the VOID.

Danielle's presence has enabled me to have breakthroughs that have been so impactful for me.  Her wisdom & guidance is soft, warm and makes the biggest difference.  

Corporate Revolutionary

To know Danielle is to trust her, her guidance and her expertise.  She has a gift and I'm always so grateful to be on the receiving end of it.

Soul-Led Life Coach

If you are looking for an embodied mentor who can lovingly call forward your blindspots and bring you into higher alignment with your true nature, Danielle is definitely your girl!

Business Ascension Coach