The Priestess Within Membership

Sam Schmuck

Sam and Danielle are such a gift to be held and coached by. They invite ALL of you to show up and have the most grounding energies to lead you back to yourself.

As a soul-led leader, healer, mentor, entrepreneur...
you spend SO MUCH of your life holding the energy of sacred space for others.

It's a beautiful, powerful, humbling calling.

And yet...
Sometimes the thing we are MOST masterful in doing for others, is the very thing we need poured back into us.

This is YOUR space.

The Priestess Within is designed with the passionate spiritual entrepreneur in mind.  

The multidimensional woman who wears all the hats and pours so selflessly into her clients, her family, her business, her partnership, her household, her friendships, and so much more, who is ready to reclaim space for herself in her life.

The powerful leader who is building a business of service to humanity, who thrives off of connection and fulfillment.

The woman who desires a space to land and connect, heal and replenish, after extending the same grace to her own clients.

Welcome to your sacred oasis.

Gina Lamontagne

Sam and Danielle’s energies are amazing on their own, but together they are expansive! They create such a safe and supportive space for you to grow and bloom!

Included in the Membership

Each month, you receive...

✨ A Full Moon ceremony call with Sam, which will include breathwork or other somatic embodiment rituals

✨ A New Moon ceremony call with Danielle, which will include journeying through your Akashic Records (could include healing, clearing and timeline activation)

✨ A hot seat mentorship call with Danielle where you can bring all of your business, mindset, energetics, healing questions and more

✨ Access to a private Facebook group for connection, sisterhood, questions and integration support between calls

✨ BONUS monthly Prosperity Circle calls where we'll activate your most abundant timeline + clear out the energetic ish that's been lurking in the shadows to give you a clean slate to receive more

Brittany Barcellos

You cannot put a price tag on this experience Danielle and Sam have co-created. If you want to be led by women who are the embodiment of the transformation you will experience, the pleasure, the self knowing... DIVE IN.

I am a Sacred Sexuality and Embodiment Guide for women who desire a deeper level of intimacy, abundance, and pleasure in their lives.

Spirituality and Somatics were my lifeline when I healed through my divorce trauma. Through the pain and difficulty of that time in my life, I was initiated into remembering my wholeness, reclaiming my sacred sexuality, and anchoring into my own magic.  I’m a certified breathwork facilitator, cosmic sexuality and sacred sexuality guide, Reiki master and NLP practitioner.
Learning how to navigate the dance between your inner and outer energy dynamics through this work is how you create the foundation for living a sacred life – a life where you are at peace with yourself and have a healthy relationship with yourself AND the people around you.    When you have laid this groundwork, you can fully open up and receive all of the abundance and intimacy you desire. 

I'm an Akashic guide, spiritual mentor and intuitive business coach for women who are on their evolutionary path. I help you remember the truth of who you are and connect back to your innate soul wisdom, lean into trust with your intuition and lead your sacred movement in this life, to bring in more joy, fulfillment, prosperity and impact and live life on your terms.

I'm a certified Soul Coach, Akashic Women's Guide, Relational Leader and Energy Healer. I've studied Human Design, Astrology and somatic work to deepen my ability to facilitate soul level transformation and alignment with my clients, and I know the power of holding safe space for you to come fully alive.

Self-sourced confidence comes from connecting with your divine essence and radiating it through every cell of your body.  I facilitate this through a blend of immersive healing, coaching, connection and expansion - with the Akashic records as a powerful ally on the journey. 

Rachelle Hoppel

Danielle and Sam know how to have fun, go deep, and really see you and your potential for growth. Being in their energy and passion for helping others is a blessing.

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